Fluoride in your toothpaste & water!

fluoride free1

In the words of Dr. Robert Carton, former scientist for the EPA, “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

They are killing us with fluoride!  There is a great article here if you don’t know much about this subject I suggest you read it first if you don’t know the truth!

The internet is full of info on this subject!  We do not have a choice with this it is forced upon us by the powers that be!  I have now switched my kids and myself on to fluoride free toothpaste, and I check bottled water to make sure there is none added!  WTF ever happened to being able to make choices for ourselves?????

In my opinion the biggest reason for adding fluoride to our products is to calcify our pineal gland and stop us from reaching our full potential!  Every single person on this planet has the ability to connect to the universe through the pineal gland but because of the fluoride, it calcifies it to the point it is useless!  There are some very very interesting and informative videos on Youtube about this subject which are definitely worth watching!


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