ChemtrailsChemtrails where to start with this subject?  There is a great website here which has loads of info!  This terrifies me and there is very good evidence to support that this is really going on all over the world!  I have seen it with my own eyes.  Twice now I have noticed them spraying above where I live in a remote part of the UK, and both times after, my kids have been really ill with hay fever like symptoms and the air has had a chemical smell and taste to it!  I have also noticed that we are all really grumpy and agitated aswell!   I  asked my local pharmacist if they had a lot more hay fever medication given out this year to which they replied we cannot keep up with the demand!!!! This is F**ked Up!  Is this a way to control the population as well as control the weather??  Just look up at the sky people, watch and see for yourselves a normal con trail coming out the back of an aircraft does not linger for hours and then spread to cloak the sky!! Also the next day the sun is blocked and rain usually follows!!  So if this is the case, then there is no such thing as organic, as everything is being contaminated and we wonder why animals, insects, plants and humans are dyeing!  There are some amazing videos here on Youtube about this, as I say in all my posts don’t take my word for it do your own research and make up your own mind!  Please share far and wide as we need to save the planet and every living, breathing thing which exists on this planet! Here are some photos I took recently above me 🤨 once I get one of a ✈️ spraying I will upload it!

Normal ^

Look at the lines???????????? Do these clouds look normal???????????????????????

^ A normal contrail

^ A chemtrail 😡

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