Seeing and thinking clearer!

the-sin-of-greedWell over the last few months I have been de-calcifing my pineal gland and I am now seeing and thinking a load clearer than I was!  Another thing I have noticed, is that when picking food, drink etc. I seem to know without really thinking about it what is good and what is bad!  Another thing I have noticed is I get info coming into my head which I have no explanation for or hadn’t been thinking about.

Last night the info which came to me was about MONEY and how it is the root of all evil!  Think about this : Who pays for all the scientific research into Cancer, HIV etc.? All the Charities? All the good done with Lottery Money? Etc Etc.  WE DO not the governments or the banks or the extremely wealthy, it’s US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Us mere mortals who also get over taxed, over charged by banks, over charged by Credit Card companies, over charged by estate agents the list is endless.  Over charged on food, clothes, mobile phones, rent, council tax, water, electricity, home insurance I could go on forever!  Who decided that we have to pay to leave our own country?????? Over priced PASSPORTS!!!!!!!  And we need to pay to drive our own car on the roads, as well as paying insurance, tax and an MOT every year? WTF is going on?????? There seems to be a clear pattern here people, to rid us of all our hard-earned money and give it to the people who don’t need it!!!  Did you know that there are Trillions gone missing from the Pentagon and no one can account for it?????  If they can’t bloody find or trace it, what F**king chance do we have???????  And it’s not just the Pentagon the UK is £490,000,000,000.00 poorer than we thought!!!!!!!!

Am I the only person who is questioning this????  Where has all the money gone?? Some think there are Islands hidden, which were shown on early maps, but have mysteriously disappeared now?  Mmmmmm makes you think!  As I always say do your own research and make up your own mind!!!  I smell something fishy!!!!!!



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