The Anti-Christ!


They are trying to control us all!  When will everyone wake up to these Devil Worshiping, Controlling, Egotistical Pedophiles who are running the world?  The answer is very soon!  There is a MASS awakening happening people! The Planets are aligned in a specific way at the moment which is awakening the Spiritual Soul in all of us.  What most people don’t realise at the moment is that we are here for infinity we just keep getting re-born time and time again and if you don’t live a compassionate, loving and caring life, and be true to yourself, you will just have to repeat time and time again until you learn your lesson!  Most Religions on the Planet at the moment are all confused and are not following our True Spiritual path.  This is mostly due to censorship, manipulation and lies, with all the important bits left out of everything we have been told & taught!  Every single Ancient teaching has Spirituality as a base, we are all energy.  We ALL have the ability within us to heal the body, manifest our dreams and connect to the universe, but you must detoxify your body and Pineal Gland to accomplish this!  Did you know that Sugar feeds CANCER????  So ask yourself why they have loaded all our food with SUGAR?????  To make themselves more MONEY, POWER and Control!!!!!!   All this technology nowadays is about control!  We are ALL so distracted by it and that is what they want! Do you all realise that if they roll out this 5G Smart Grid we are handing them control of EVERYTHING on a plate???  And if you don’t play game, their way, they will cut you off????????????  Also this 5G is going to kill everything on this Planet!  It is MICROWAVES and everywhere who has it at the moment, is seeing the devastating effects of this!!!!  Do your research on it people!  Do you really want to give the Anti-Christ that much control OVER OUR LIVES???????????????????????????????

If you look into the real Books of The Bible you will find out that Jesus was trying to fight this very cause of Control, Money and Power hence why they Killed him!

Most people don’t realise that all this War, Terror and Natural(Ha! Ha!) disasters are all created by these Satanic F**kers to keep us Scared and Controlled. They are also distraction tactics to distract from what they are actually doing which is rolling out this world controlling and destroying 5G Smart Grid!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only saving grace of all this is that there is a very fine balance of GOOD and Evil in the Universe and that balance will be restored!! Karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you on the Arse!!! So beware and don’t do nasty things to anyone or anything if you wouldn’t want it done to yourself!!! As they say “what goes around comes around”.  Live your life through your HEART and always be True to yourself, be honest and treat everyone and everything with RESPECT like we were meant to.  Together we can raise the POSITIVE VIBRATION of this Planet!  We are all the SAME! We are all EQUAL! We are all CONNECTED! And WE DO NOT NEED TO BE CONTROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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