Indigo Children



I am so glad I discovered Indigo Children.  Ever since I can remember I have always been different and since researching this subject everything has just fallen into place!  I could never understand why there was no compassion in the world even as a child!  I have always lived my life by my heart and soul and use to get so frustrated with everyone when they didn’t!  I have every trait of an Indigo, I always hated authority, politics, rules and all the BS we have been lead to believe!  I just knew it was all pointless and lies!  I knew I had a mission on this Planet from a very early age and it’s only recently that is has come to light since detoxifying my body of all the deadly poisons they fill us full of!  I always had info and guidance coming into my head which I had no explanation for!  I can see through people and their BS so easily!  I remember as a very young child having to watch the Queen’s speech on Xmas day and thinking to myself is the whole nation falling for this BS?????  I have always been very sensitive to energy I feel tension the second I walk into a room.  People have always been very weary of me as when I meet someone or speak to someone I look straight into their eyes and Soul and people who are hiding something don’t like this!  It’s not like I do this on purpose to find out your dark hidden secrets, it’s just the way I am!  My instincts have never been wrong but I didn’t always trust them just like everyone else I have made loads of mistakes!  But the thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them and if you don’t learn then you just keep repeating and repeating until you do learn!  My biggest wish for humanity is that everyone would take 5-10 mins a day without any technology round them and meditate!  Just sit there and connect with your breathing and your heart & soul as this will help you to see and think clearer!  Be in the moment and not thinking about anything else!

And my message to my fellow Indigo’s, It’s time now to put our mission into motion we all have to come together and lift the awareness and vibration of this Planet!  This is our common goal this is what we were put here for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!


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