Smart Devices



So just been thinking about all these smart devices and it is very scary! Think about Alexa & Echo they are listening to every word you say and storing all of your personal information! 😳🤦🏼‍♀️ How much personal information do people actually tell these things? Also hackers can get access to all of this and interfere with all your stuff you have connected to them! Didn’t anyone see the program about the Baby Monitors??? This all freaks me out! I don’t have a smart T.V. Or any appliances all I have is my iPhone and that is bad enough! They can track and listen in on your phone, even with it in Aeroplane mode! And as for smart meters, well, wait until you don’t do something the way they want you to, and they will just turn it off! At least at the moment they have to get a warrant to disconnect your supply!! What would you do? Because it will happen, there is nothing more sure. Well they will most definitely not be putting one in my house! Also they give off ridiculous amounts of radiation 140 to 800 times more than mobile phones!!!!!!!!! F**K that is so BAD no wonder everybody is ill on a regular basis! Look how many people are getting cancer, infertility, genetic damage, dementia and there are plenty more to mention. And still people keep letting them install them in their homes! And we can’t seem to get enough of gadgets! I think it is time, for us all to, just stop and think about all this for a minute and consider how much we depend on smart gadgets! Has everyone forgotten how to think for themselves? How to do every day tasks without the help of smart gadgets? We are all too busy I hear you say! But really? Looks to me like they are training us all to be salves, to go to work and to come home and not move again until we go to work again the next day! Taking away all human contact? Human contact is what makes us HUMANS!! We need contact with other humans it’s how we learn and grow!! Please just think about this, think with your HEART, you know, that thing, which beats in your chest ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😉

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