Detox Your Body & Mind!

Detox ConceptHi Everyone hope you are all well?!  Ok so, I said I would do my next blog on this subject so here it is ;-)

So I am just going to tell you what I used and took, to achieve loosing about a stone and a half in the last 3 months and not having any body fat left.  I am not saying that you will all achieve the same results in the same length of time, as we are all individuals, and our bodies are unique, but it will definitely set you on the correct path.  Once on the correct path, it is really easy as your body and mind tell you what is good, and what is not, without you having to think too much about it!

I have got to the stage now that there are certain foods which cause my body to convulse, like white bread, ready meals, white sugar, fizzy juice, milk, red meat and anything non organic!

So the first thing you must do is stop putting fluoride in your body, switch to fluoride free toothpaste and water (if you are on a mains water supply).  If you have read all my posts you will understand why this is very important, if you haven’t then please read the Fluoride blog and you will understand.  WATER is the most important thing you can put into your body it is essential and you must drink at least 1 ltr a day minimum!

The second thing you need to do is start taking the correct supplements like Fermented Skate Liver Oil  I take this on a daily basis 2 x capsules* a day and I will continue to take it as,  Fermented Skate Liver Oil is typically far easier to digest than regular cod liver oil, resulting in increased absorption including 2.5 x more of Vitamins A and D.
Naturally contains Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 fatty acids
Not heated at all, to keep all the nutrients
No Casein or lactose
Contains Vitamin A & D which are essential for strong bones & protecting the body from pollutants and free radicals.
components include CLA and Joint Support Nutrients Squalene
Alkoxyglycerols and chondroitin
Tested as free from heavy metals
A single serving* on average provides: Vitamin A 4500 IUs; Vitamin D 306 IUs; EPA 105 mg; DHA 119 mg; Omega-3 263 mg; Omega-6 39 mg; Omega-7 77 mg; Omega-9 223 mg; Vitamin E 162 ug; plus Vitamin K (not measured), Alkoxyglycerols, Squalene, Chondroitin.  Also the capsules are non gelatin so much better and easier for your body to absorb.

Another thing I do on a weekly basis is take a bath with Magnesium Chloride Flakes about half one small cup full (to start with, then you can increase the amounts slowly as you don’t want to overload to quickly)  and quarter a small cup of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt  or Dead Sea Salts and the same of  Baking Soda.  You can also add essential oils for sent, but don’t just add any old thing, research what each of them do for your health and make sure they are suitable for you and your skin first.  Also beware of cheap oils, only buy natural certified 100% pure essential oils.

Some of the health benefits of Magnesium Salt Baths are :

  • Stress relief
  • Muscle ache relief
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Improving circulation
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Headache relief
  • Speeding up wound healing
  • During illness, especially respiratory illness
  • For children to help mineral absorption and improve sleep
  • For acne, eczema or other skin problems
  • For joint pain relief
  • To help relieve skin reactions
  • Improving skin hydration

You can also buy Magnesium Chloride oil spray which can be used daily, directly onto the skin.  It has been proven that most of us are lacking in Magnesium Chloride as everything is over processed and the nutrients have all been lost!  It is very hard to ingest this as a supplement, hence the reason a bath or oil works better as the skin is one huge organ and can absorb so much more.

You need to soak for at least 20 mins although 30 mins would be much better. Another good way is to have a foot bath if you don’t want to have a big bath, obviously you will need to adjust the amounts accordingly, say start with half of the above but after a few foot baths you can increase gradually.  Also if you are taking any medication it would be best to consult your Doctor first just to be safe.

The next thing you must do is STOP taking white sugar and bread, switch to bread with seeds, wholemeal or brown.  Change your white sugar for natural golden or brown, honey or natural stevia but make sure it is 100% natural and doesn’t have added sweeteners as all sweeteners contain chemicals which will harm your body! Sugar also has a direct link to feeding Cancer cells hence the reason to cut it out or at least, take very little of it!  Also another thing I have cut out is milk, which doesn’t have any health benefits at all, unless it is unpasteurized! 😦

Another thing you can take which will benefit your body, help lose weight and also make your body more alkaline is Apple Cider Vinegar but make sure it is Braggs and has the Mother in it, as the others don’t have the same health benefits as this.  It will look really cloudy and have bits in it, but all you need to do is give it a shake and it will be fine.  I take about 10mls of ACV in a meduim glass of fruit juice with some honey to sweeten.  You can take this twice a day and gradually build up to 20mls twice a day.  Please do not just take it on it’s own, as a shot, it can burn your throat, it must be mixed with juice or water or tea!

The next thing you must do it switch everything to organic, eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  The only meat I eat is free range or organic chicken as these have had a happy life, and should be free of all the negative and fearful energy which comes within all mass produced meat, because of the way they are inhumanly killed!  Also the amount of chemicals and hormones in mass produced meat is SHOCKING to say the least!  Also I always bless and say thanks for everything I put near or in my body as this counteracts the negativity and we should really be more thankful for everything.

I have also changed my rice and pasta to brown as white flour is not good for your body.  I cook all my meals from scratch and just chuck vegetables and chicken in a pan and add chilli, garlic, paprika, pink rock salt, herbs and finally some chicken stock and pasta.  It doesn’t take long to make meals from scratch and that way your know exactly what you have put in it.  Too many of these ready meals have too much salt and sugar and other crap which you don’t want anywhere near your body in them and the low calories ones are worse!  Also you don’t know for sure if any of the ingredients are GMO’s which are so BAD!  I check the ingredients on everything I buy and I have a rule that if I can’t say or know what something is then I don’t buy it!  You can also do internet searches on ingredients if you want to find out more about what they are, and what effect they have on your body! But beware you will be shocked by some of the shite they put in your food!  I do not know how they get away with it!!!! :-{

Exercise is an absolute must for a strong body.  I try to do 5 days exercise a week and most of this is out doors!  Fresh air, nature and the SUN (when we see it) is absolutely necessary for a healthy body, I don’t use sunscreen(too many chemicals) as we need the sun for our health but obviously, be sensible about it and don’t get burned!  If you feel you are overweight and don’t know how to get started with exercise, then may I suggest you try Gillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD which is only half an hour, 5 days a week!  Achievable for everyone with different levels, which you can progress to when you are ready!  It doesn’t matter what size, shape or how unfit you are, this DVD is suitable for everyone.  All you need are some hand weights (when you are ready) and an exercise mat.  I owe my fitness to this DVD it is how I got started on my fitness journey and it is brilliant with real results if you stick to it!

Another thing you must consider is all the chemical you use on your body and in your house!  Use a roll on deodorant or stick as once your body is clean you will not be able to spray anything unnatural near yourself!  Do you know white vinegar and baking soda or bicarbonate are the best cleaning products?  Also lemon juice will clean better than all these toxic sprays which you inhale every time you use!  Also switch your laundry powder to non biological, and I say powder as it is much better for the health of your machine than all these liquids!

I know it is a lot to take in, but just start at the beginning and work your way through.  You will soon realise that your body is reacting to things that you did like or use, but now can’t stand to be near.  And make sure whenever possible you use organic fruit & veg, and you wash it properly before you prepare it.   With all the chemicals getting sprayed into the air on a daily basis, you want to limit the effects of these in your body!  Also if you do use fruit and veg from a supermarket please wash extra and bless and thank for it as this will limit the effects.

So, I really hope this is helpful and gives you all somewhere to start from.  Again as I say with all my posts do some research yourself and find out the Truth, as to what is in your food!  Wishing you all the best of Luck and sending Love’n’Light to each and everyone reading this! xxxx

Disclamer : I take no responibility for any adverse health effects of any of the above, this is how I cleaned my body of toxins and as I said earlier it might not be suited to your body so if in doubt always check with your Doctor first.

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