Ok, lets talk about christmas, because it is not what you think it is!!  This has to be, the biggest deception yet! It has deceived, most of the world, as the Bible clearly states!

Personally I have always hated christmas, but I did not understand why, until now! So please DO NOT wish me a merry christmas, or drag me into any of the BS surrounding it, as I want NO PART IN IT!!!!!

So what is christmas?  Well it is definitely NOT the birth date of Jesus Christ, but I will come to this later!  It is a pagan festival, a satanic ritual, which YOU have all been taking part in for years!  The whole thing from putting a tree in your house, to putting presents under it, and all the rest of the BS, is one BIG satanic ritual!! See this video for a crash course!  Also WTF santa(see this video also)??? So lets rearrange the letters in santa’s name, and what do we get, satan!!!!!  We get SATAN people!!!!!!! In the name of Jesus Christ, how much more clearer, do you want this, before you open your FUCKIN EYES??????

And what better way to take all our money off us, and make us all, worship the devil??? Also, you are actually worshiping the birth of the sun god of saturn, all roads lead back to rome, egypt, babylon, and all the ancient mystical teachings of the fallen angels!!!!!!!!!

And as for the real date Jesus was born well, this will blow your mind!  He was born on 11th September!  What better way, to stick two fingers up to Our Lord God, than make the whole world, mourn on the date, he gave his only Son to us????!!!!!  Think about it!! And as I say with all my posts, watch the video’s, and do your own research.  But the proof is undeniable people.  Please, please start praying to Jesus and repent all your sins, because the end is close, and what Our Lord God has in store for YOU PEOPLE, who don’t believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless your soul, Love xxxxxxx

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