A very Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope all your dreams come true this year!

Ok, so what do we have to look forward to this year?  Well, long story short, loads of weird fucked up shite!  Cern (if you don’t know what this is research it) and google have partnered up, so, you now have cern with access, to a quantum computer!!!  OH FUCK!!!  The very quantum computer, which has been saving every key stroke, emotion, photo, health info., likes, dislikes, hobbies, family, friends, everything you buy, all your conversations, videos, the music you like, the stuff you eat, not to mention, face recognition, finger print and of course DNA, OMG!!!!!!  Do, I have to explain, why this is so bad?????? In the age, of AI moving at an alarming rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are up loading your brains to this fuckin thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to the dawn of the antichrist people!!  The beast system!!  You are all addicted to technology! Even the bloody kids! You are all blasting yourselves with radiation 24/7 and there is a very good reason for this, IT FUCKS WITH YOUR DNA and not to forget that it makes your infertile, so don’t think you are ever going to be grandparents, because it’s not going to happen!!! And there is a reason TV shows are called programs, because it’s programing your bloody minds, NOT TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES!!!!!

Do you all think I like having to be the one to tell you all this stuff??????? No, no I don’t!!  But, I can’t sit back and watch humanity be destroyed, and do nothing!  Also, the Bible clearly states, that if you see and know about all this deceit and say nothing, you will be punished!  And having spent 20 years on and off in the depths of hell, I am NOT going back, for no one!!!

Ok, so there is such an easy way to protect yourselves, GOD!!  It’s so simple!!!  What if I had to tell you that YOU ARE THE HOLY GRAIL, YOU HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN, YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF GOD!!?? 😉

You just have to know how to activate it!!  Why do you think they are always fucking with our DNA??????  You are fighting for your soul!!  The power, you have within is far superior to all these demons.  That’s exactly why they keep you distracted, poisoned, ill, blasted with radiation, surrounded by chemicals and brushing your fuckin teeth with them!!  Come on people!  You deserve better than this, arm yourselves with a KJV of the Bible and read Genesis, then Revelation, and just see what stirs up inside you!!!!

Live in the moment, take a minute to walk in nature, be grateful for every second, free your soul, let the Holy Spirit enter your heart, nothing can touch you when you have his protection, nothing!! And the Brucie Bonus is NO FEAR, NO FUCKING FEAR, just overwhelming LOVE and COMPASSION and a FUCK THE SATANIC SYSTEM ATTITUDE!!!!! What’s not to love about that?????  Kick you egos arse to the kerb!

The way I see it, is, you all have two choices, it’s very black and white, Heaven or Hell!!  And believe me when I say YOU WILL GO TO ONE OF THEM, and he is NOT letting you into Heaven if you have not been speaking to him, which I suppose, will be like the garden of Eden, where we are all at one with each other and nature, no evil, no worries, no arseholes, everything you could ever dream of at your finger tips for eternity.  Or, on the other hand, Hell.  Where you will be stuck in your own personal hell, think of the worst scenario you have ever been in and multiply by 1,000,000 and your still not close to the torcher and pain you will feel for eternity, not to mention all the fucking demons!????????????????????  Mmm, hard decision, NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I am not saying don’t live your life, but if you value your life, get yourself protected! Things are about to get a whole lot more fucked up 😔 GODS WRATH is coming to those who have ignored and turned their back on him, so be warned!!!!!

God bless you all, please make the right decision as time is running out!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞


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