Indigo Children



I am so glad I discovered Indigo Children.  Ever since I can remember I have always been different and since researching this subject everything has just fallen into place!  I could never understand why there was no compassion in the world even as a child!  I have always lived my life by my heart and soul and use to get so frustrated with everyone when they didn’t!  I have every trait of an Indigo, I always hated authority, politics, rules and all the BS we have been lead to believe!  I just knew it was all pointless and lies!  I knew I had a mission on this Planet from a very early age and it’s only recently that is has come to light since detoxifying my body of all the deadly poisons they fill us full of!  I always had info and guidance coming into my head which I had no explanation for!  I can see through people and their BS so easily!  I remember as a very young child having to watch the Queen’s speech on Xmas day and thinking to myself is the whole nation falling for this BS?????  I have always been very sensitive to energy I feel tension the second I walk into a room.  People have always been very weary of me as when I meet someone or speak to someone I look straight into their eyes and Soul and people who are hiding something don’t like this!  It’s not like I do this on purpose to find out your dark hidden secrets, it’s just the way I am!  My instincts have never been wrong but I didn’t always trust them just like everyone else I have made loads of mistakes!  But the thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them and if you don’t learn then you just keep repeating and repeating until you do learn!  My biggest wish for humanity is that everyone would take 5-10 mins a day without any technology round them and meditate!  Just sit there and connect with your breathing and your heart & soul as this will help you to see and think clearer!  Be in the moment and not thinking about anything else!

And my message to my fellow Indigo’s, It’s time now to put our mission into motion we all have to come together and lift the awareness and vibration of this Planet!  This is our common goal this is what we were put here for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!


The Anti-Christ!


They are trying to control us all!  When will everyone wake up to these Devil Worshiping, Controlling, Egotistical Pedophiles who are running the world?  The answer is very soon!  There is a MASS awakening happening people! The Planets are aligned in a specific way at the moment which is awakening the Spiritual Soul in all of us.  What most people don’t realise at the moment is that we are here for infinity we just keep getting re-born time and time again and if you don’t live a compassionate, loving and caring life, and be true to yourself, you will just have to repeat time and time again until you learn your lesson!  Most Religions on the Planet at the moment are all confused and are not following our True Spiritual path.  This is mostly due to censorship, manipulation and lies, with all the important bits left out of everything we have been told & taught!  Every single Ancient teaching has Spirituality as a base, we are all energy.  We ALL have the ability within us to heal the body, manifest our dreams and connect to the universe, but you must detoxify your body and Pineal Gland to accomplish this!  Did you know that Sugar feeds CANCER????  So ask yourself why they have loaded all our food with SUGAR?????  To make themselves more MONEY, POWER and Control!!!!!!   All this technology nowadays is about control!  We are ALL so distracted by it and that is what they want! Do you all realise that if they roll out this 5G Smart Grid we are handing them control of EVERYTHING on a plate???  And if you don’t play game, their way, they will cut you off????????????  Also this 5G is going to kill everything on this Planet!  It is MICROWAVES and everywhere who has it at the moment, is seeing the devastating effects of this!!!!  Do your research on it people!  Do you really want to give the Anti-Christ that much control OVER OUR LIVES???????????????????????????????

If you look into the real Books of The Bible you will find out that Jesus was trying to fight this very cause of Control, Money and Power hence why they Killed him!

Most people don’t realise that all this War, Terror and Natural(Ha! Ha!) disasters are all created by these Satanic F**kers to keep us Scared and Controlled. They are also distraction tactics to distract from what they are actually doing which is rolling out this world controlling and destroying 5G Smart Grid!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only saving grace of all this is that there is a very fine balance of GOOD and Evil in the Universe and that balance will be restored!! Karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you on the Arse!!! So beware and don’t do nasty things to anyone or anything if you wouldn’t want it done to yourself!!! As they say “what goes around comes around”.  Live your life through your HEART and always be True to yourself, be honest and treat everyone and everything with RESPECT like we were meant to.  Together we can raise the POSITIVE VIBRATION of this Planet!  We are all the SAME! We are all EQUAL! We are all CONNECTED! And WE DO NOT NEED TO BE CONTROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Could all the search engines possibly be Censoring every thing we see??

So yesterday I came across something very strange while I was looking up New World Order on g***le.  It led me to a page which showed a map of the world and highlighted the areas covered by NWO!

At first I kept getting that the page had crashed???  Which I thought was funny because no other pages I had opened at the time where having this problem!

So I persisted and then it let me load the page but, as soon as I tried to scroll down to the map guess what happened? It crashed again and again and again??????  Bearing in mind NO other pages I had opened were having a problem and every time I see this message from G it is through all my pages I have open at the time!!  I have taken screen shots of this as it is definitely very suspicious see below 😦



Was Jesus Married?

brideofgodWell well!  Please watch Biblical Conspiracies Season 1 episode 3 (Bride of God)!  I was going to link it to youtube but guess what the video is not available?????  I wonder why? The evidence in the episode is very damming, basically there has been a mosaic floor revealed in Galilee, of Jesus and his Wife in the centre with the 12 disciples round about them!!????  The Church nowadays only uses Jesus in the centre?????  So what does this tell us?  It tells us that MAN & WOMEN were meant to be equal, and maybe it was Mary Magdalen or the both of them, as a couple that founded Christianity!  There is also a book from the Bible which was revealing the truth but someone had sliced the revealing part off????  WOW! So everything we have been taught and told has all been twisted and manipulated so Man was the greater sex and Love, Light and Compassion were buried so deep, so we would never find out the truth!!!!!

You just have to look at all the Ancient sites to see the evidence!  Look at the engineering precision of them, the scale of them, the pictures engraved on them! We couldn’t recreate some of them, even with the technology and machinery we have available today!!!!!  Think about the Nazca Lines they were made to be seen from above in a time when they didn’t have aircraft or so we have been lead to believe!  How could they create these without some guidance from above to plan out the intricate details and geometric shapes? Why is there one which looks like a spaceman?????  Question everything people!  Go research for yourself and you will see what I am talking about! 😉

Seeing and thinking clearer!

the-sin-of-greedWell over the last few months I have been de-calcifing my pineal gland and I am now seeing and thinking a load clearer than I was!  Another thing I have noticed, is that when picking food, drink etc. I seem to know without really thinking about it what is good and what is bad!  Another thing I have noticed is I get info coming into my head which I have no explanation for or hadn’t been thinking about.

Last night the info which came to me was about MONEY and how it is the root of all evil!  Think about this : Who pays for all the scientific research into Cancer, HIV etc.? All the Charities? All the good done with Lottery Money? Etc Etc.  WE DO not the governments or the banks or the extremely wealthy, it’s US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Us mere mortals who also get over taxed, over charged by banks, over charged by Credit Card companies, over charged by estate agents the list is endless.  Over charged on food, clothes, mobile phones, rent, council tax, water, electricity, home insurance I could go on forever!  Who decided that we have to pay to leave our own country?????? Over priced PASSPORTS!!!!!!!  And we need to pay to drive our own car on the roads, as well as paying insurance, tax and an MOT every year? WTF is going on?????? There seems to be a clear pattern here people, to rid us of all our hard-earned money and give it to the people who don’t need it!!!  Did you know that there are Trillions gone missing from the Pentagon and no one can account for it?????  If they can’t bloody find or trace it, what F**king chance do we have???????  And it’s not just the Pentagon the UK is £490,000,000,000.00 poorer than we thought!!!!!!!!

Am I the only person who is questioning this????  Where has all the money gone?? Some think there are Islands hidden, which were shown on early maps, but have mysteriously disappeared now?  Mmmmmm makes you think!  As I always say do your own research and make up your own mind!!!  I smell something fishy!!!!!!




ChemtrailsChemtrails where to start with this subject?  There is a great website here which has loads of info!  This terrifies me and there is very good evidence to support that this is really going on all over the world!  I have seen it with my own eyes.  Twice now I have noticed them spraying above where I live in a remote part of the UK, and both times after, my kids have been really ill with hay fever like symptoms and the air has had a chemical smell and taste to it!  I have also noticed that we are all really grumpy and agitated aswell!   I  asked my local pharmacist if they had a lot more hay fever medication given out this year to which they replied we cannot keep up with the demand!!!! This is F**ked Up!  Is this a way to control the population as well as control the weather??  Just look up at the sky people, watch and see for yourselves a normal con trail coming out the back of an aircraft does not linger for hours and then spread to cloak the sky!! Also the next day the sun is blocked and rain usually follows!!  So if this is the case, then there is no such thing as organic, as everything is being contaminated and we wonder why animals, insects, plants and humans are dyeing!  There are some amazing videos here on Youtube about this, as I say in all my posts don’t take my word for it do your own research and make up your own mind!  Please share far and wide as we need to save the planet and every living, breathing thing which exists on this planet! Here are some photos I took recently above me 🤨 once I get one of a ✈️ spraying I will upload it!

Normal ^

Look at the lines???????????? Do these clouds look normal???????????????????????

^ A normal contrail

^ A chemtrail 😡

Fluoride in your toothpaste & water!

fluoride free1

In the words of Dr. Robert Carton, former scientist for the EPA, “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

They are killing us with fluoride!  There is a great article here if you don’t know much about this subject I suggest you read it first if you don’t know the truth!

The internet is full of info on this subject!  We do not have a choice with this it is forced upon us by the powers that be!  I have now switched my kids and myself on to fluoride free toothpaste, and I check bottled water to make sure there is none added!  WTF ever happened to being able to make choices for ourselves?????

In my opinion the biggest reason for adding fluoride to our products is to calcify our pineal gland and stop us from reaching our full potential!  Every single person on this planet has the ability to connect to the universe through the pineal gland but because of the fluoride, it calcifies it to the point it is useless!  There are some very very interesting and informative videos on Youtube about this subject which are definitely worth watching!


“Let’s fight together, not to win but to change”. – Salman

Hi and welcome to my blog. I am just a normal Mum of two children who has had her eyes open since being a child as to what is really going on in the world, and to say the least I am extremely worried about the future for my kids!!! There are so many things which are not right, and so many lies we have been told and I am hoping to address them here. Even if I only make one person wake up to the truth then I will be happy, but hopefully I will reach loads more people than that! The thing about all these subjects is that there is evidence to support them, if you do research and look for them! WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP AND STOP BEING LED BY IDIOTS!!!!!