Golden Egg and Willie

“According to Herodotus, the Phoenix appeared in Egypt once every five hundred years. It flew from Arabia to the temple of the sun god Helios.Herodotus said that the Phoenix was roughly the size of an eagle. It was far more brightly-colored, though, with bright red and gold plumage that shone in the sun.When the Phoenix arrived at the Temple of Helios, Herodotus said that it carried a large egg made of myrrh. The egg, in a confusing turn, contained the Phoenix’s father.The fire bird buried its egg in the Temple of Helios so that its father could be reborn.”

Will i am sitting on a golden egg in Jordan!! The biblical kingdoms of Edom, Moab, and Gilead were all located in Jordan, as well as the city of Petra.

Could this be symbolic of the antichrist (beast of the sea) being birthed??

Very strange photo to have on a christmas card but then again santa is helios so!!

Love and Blessings in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ


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