God said let there be light!


So the reason I have started this blog is to try to help people understand that everything we have been led to believe throughout our lives has been nothing but lies! The earth is going to die with all the hatred and negativity that is going on at the moment, and we as men and women have a duty to the earth and Our Lord God to raise His Spirit of Love to all mankind!  We need to question everything we have been told about our existence and how we became to be on this earth!  The only way you will find all this out is by reading The Bible and looking for the truth, which the Holy Spirit of God will lead you too!  Most of the big media outlets are all manipulated to tell us only what the powers that be want us to know! It’s time to make up your own mind and do what is right for your family and yourself , instead of being manipulated and controlled by the news.  They seem hell bent on making us all fight and hate each other which is not what we should be doing!  We are God’s people who need to love and protect each other! The only people who are gaining anything out of these needless Wars are the financial elite they are also the ones who are running the world.  Keeping us all poor, unhealthy, negative and hating each other so we don’t reach our full potential, and don’t ask questions!  We are easier to control in this state hence why they do it.  I am really worried about my kids future, if they have a future!!!  All I ask is that you have an open mind and research things, ask God to guide you because if you do this you too will find out the truth!

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