The Big Secret!

Ok so it’s been a while since I did a post, but I have been busy researching, and the TRUTH is most definitely stranger than fiction! You couldn’t make this up! The DARK forces at work and the level of deception on this planet is almost unbelievable! Especially to those, who have not yet begun their journey and started to WAKE UP!  Don’t worry though, it will happen, but you need to DETOX your body and mind, of all the poisons and bullshite control they infiltrate our bodies with on a daily basis!

Ok so one thing to bear in mind before we start is, these satanic, psychopathic pedophiles, have control over everything from banks, nasa, science, government, education, hollywood, music industry, mainstream media, tv and the internet, basically everything on this planet.  This agenda has all been planned for thousands of years.  History keeps repeating it’s self, because WE allow it to people!!!!!  Also there is no such thing as a Conspiracy Theory(this was made up by them to discredit anyone speaking the truth out against them) as they have nearly all been proven to be true!

Also there is loads of disinformation out there which they have made sure people see!  For every REAL video on YouTube there are 10 which are bullshite!  So bear that in mind when you do your research.  I have linked real videos in the highlighted words which will get you started!

I am going to start with some of those deceptions as it will explain loads!  This will blow you minds and hopefully make you question EVERYTHING!!!

I am going to start with the Dinosaurs!!  Oh my this is going to make your brain explode!  So scientists have now proven that Dinosaurs are actually only thousands of years old and most definitely NOT millions! They did this by analyzing the protein inside of their bones, which does not last for millions of years or even 10,000 years!  Also every single skeleton they have dug up, has signs of extreme trauma i.e. broken necks, bodies folded in two etc.  Now ask yourselves, what would cause the entire planet to be wiped out in one mass sweep of extinction? And cause their bodies to be buried so deep and with such force?  Also the depth, at which they are buried, shows signs of a GREAT FLOOD!!!!!!!  What? A great flood? Yes people, a great flood mmmmm maybe the one from the Bible??????  Also there is proof all over the planet of a great flood, all from the same time period!!! Think about that one and if you don’t believe me go to the link under scientists and watch the video.  Ok so I will leave that one to sink in!

Next we will talk about the Giants!  Yes there were giants walking the earth thousands of years ago!  They have dug up skeletons some as big as 18ft!!!  Ever wondered who built all the ancient sites, well this would definitely explain a lot!!  And surprise, surprise the Bible also talks about Giants (Nephilim or fallen angels offspring)! David and Goliath??? The giants are the exact reason why GOD flooded the planet! As they were evil and contaminated every living thing on the planet, and they started to eat humans!!!  They are also the reason today, why people are possessed by demons!  Their spirits had nowhere to go as they weren’t created by God but by the Fallen Angels.  So their spirits roam the earth in no mans land as they can’t go to hell either!  So they take over us humans when we are fearful, depressed, stuck in addiction of any kind and all negative emotions give them free access into our bodies!  And once in there, your life will become even worse as they feed you negativity so you destroy yourself!  Ever wondered why you have been out for a night in the Pub and someone just looses it??? Because the satanic control system created alcohol specifically for this purpose!!!!! Some people think there are still giants living under ground, which might be true as everything else which they said wasn’t TRUE has so far turned out to be the TRUTH!  So, ask yourself why we are kept in a constant state of FEAR, through the media, government and of course the satanic elite????????  Are you beginning to see the pattern forming here???  Ok so I will leave that one to sink in too!!

Aliens next!  Well I admit, I did believe not so long ago that they were real!  But, in all fairness the way all the ancient sites depict things, does seem to point to this, but after listening to The Book Of Enoch this theory has been blown right out the water!!  Aliens do not EXIST!!!!  I say this because very soon there will be stories and sightings from all over the world about this!  Also there will be a false God like one which will ultimately bring in a ONE WORLD RELIGION!!!  Which is based on worshiping satan!!  So beware and don’t believe it no matter how real it looks, because if you fall prey to the BEAST System, it will be straight to HELL for you!! Although aliens don’t exist we do have extra-dimensional beings (demons or whatever you want to call them) which cern(see below) is letting into this physical world and the only thing which will save you is FAITH in GOD & JESUS CHRIST! And you can scoffel all you want but beware, because this is happening, wether or not you want to believe it!

CERN or LHC  This thing has never sat right with me!  Why the F**k would they put a statue of Shiva (the god of destruction) in front of it????  No one knows for absolute certain what this thing  is doing!  But if you seen the opening ceremony for the Gotthart tunnel which is very close to it (fast forward to 15mins) then you would be even more confused! This guy is amazing at explaining it on Youtube and speaks volumes!  It is extremely satanic and weird to say the least!  All I kept thinking was, the people doing the acting in it all looked like they were under some sort of mind control!  It’s the strangest thing I have ever watched! Sending chills down my spine!  Watch the video and make up your own mind!  Don’t listen to the music tho!!!!!!  There is a lot of talk about them opening portals to other dimensions, which if true, would mean even more Demons infiltrating us! Get praying people!!!

NASA – Well what can I say about this??  One of the biggest deceptions EVER!!! It’s all made up, they cannot measure how far away things are! All their photos are made up, we have never been to the moon, and the ISS is fake!!  You have to give them 8/10 for trying though! And we DO NOT LIVE ON A GLOBE!!!  Which brings me to the next subject!

Flat Earth – So let me ask you a few questions first!  Have you ever seen any evidence of curvature?  Do you see any evidence of the earth spinning as fast as they say it is?  If the moon is so far away how can clouds pass behind it? I bet you answered NO to the first two! Also the Sun is not as far away as they said it was!!!  Think about this logically for a while, a globe doesn’t make any sense!  Also the book of TRUTH, The Bible, clearly states so many times about THE ENDS OF THE EARTH???  But, if it is a globe, how can it have ends?????  Deceit, deceit and more feckin deceit!!!

Hollywood and Music Ind.  is absolutely full of satanic symbols and puppets playing out the elites agenda!  Very very SICK considering we let our kids watch these F**kers, yet another form of mind control!  And to normalise satanic worship so when the one world religion comes into play we won’t bat an eyelid???????????????  Once these things are pointed out to you, you will never look at anything the same way again!  It is all blatantly obvious, they are doing it right in front of our faces!!!!  The thing about these people is they have to sell their souls to be famous, and there are plenty of interviews with them saying they have!  Also plenty of interviews with them saying they have alter-egos, who take over when they perform (that will be the demons!)! But it’s not just them this goes much deeper and gets much darker, your government, your police (who have been recruiting only Narcissists for the last 10 years!), your big companies etc.  Basically anyone who comes into MONEY has an ultimatum SELL YOUR SOUL OR WE WILL TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY AWAY!!!!!!! Unfortunately some people are so desperate and egotistical that they will do anything to be famous and wealthy!!!!!!!

The royals – These F**kers need wiped out!  Plain and simple!  Go research them, as what you will find out, will shock you to your core!! Pure EVIL and part of the satanic elite!!!!!  Look up the Jersey Childrens Home scandal!!!!!!!! Our queen is wanted in Canada in relation to kids who disappeared!   And she cannot be tried in any court??????

Which brings me to my next subject the legal control system in the UK and all over the world!  This makes me laugh, as how can you get someone to swear, on the Bible, which has the 10 commandments in it, which we are all ment to be adhering too, and then try them in a system based on LIES AND DECEIT?????????????????????????????????????????  I think I just found our GET OUT CLAUSE people??  IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS BULLSHITE SATANIC CONTROL SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INTERNET – Created by cern (see above) Well it definitely has its uses, that’s for sure, but all this social media????  People do not realise that everything they share is stored for future reference!  And the wifi is slowly killing us all, especially the children, as their brains are not yet fully developed!!!!!  I personally have noticed a decline in my kids intelligence, I had more intelligent conversations with them when they were 3 years old, compared to now!!  Now this could also be due to, an education system which is not teaching the correct stuff!  Killing creativity, killing free thought, killing gender, killing the family unit, killing love and compassion and absolutely not teaching REAL HISTORY!! The list is endless people so it is up to YOU to teach your kids the TRUTH about everything, as they are the next generation, if we live that long!!!!!

Another thing you need to know is these parasites do not have SOULS, they have no creativity and most definitely NO CONSCIENCE!!!  They are all Narcissistic psychopaths and they actually show their hand through films, tv and MSM but we are conditioned NOT TO SEE IT!!  Take 9/11 for an example, what a feckin farce that was, all LIES from the start just so they can bring in new LAWS taking away our rights.  And the added bonus is it keeps us in FEAR!  And of course the start of yet another WAR!!!!!!!!!!  This is their strategy, make major problems, then bring some stupid excuse for a solution in while we are all gripped in FEAR!!!!!!  I would strongly recommend researching this subject as you will quickly realise it was all a setup!  But the way those towers came down was definitely a controlled demolition, even I could see that and there are engineers all over the world who have said this from the day it happened!  Also there were cartoons back in early 1990’s which showed this attack happening!!!!

You need to be quick in watching these videos people as YouTube is being censored as I write this!  Yet again more CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ask yourself why they would have to remove videos if they are NOT THE TRUTH????????????????????????????????????

Ok, so if someone had told me, that I would be telling everyone that the Bible was real even 6 months ago I would have laughed in their face! It’s not that I never or didn’t believe in God, more like I didn’t believe in modern Religion!!!  As a child I use to speak to God all the time, but social conditioning knocks it out of you once you get older and that was exactly when all the BAD stuff started happening.  It is especially bad today as there are more Evil Forces at work!!! Also the BIBLE is very hard to prove wrong as you will find out, remember there are no such thing as coincidence!!!!  So, let me tell you about my experience with God’s intervention first.  So as some of you will already know, I was a heroin addict for 20 years on and off!  And those were the worst years of my life, how I didn’t die I will never know! Obviously something or someone was watching over me and keeping me safe!  I went to hell and back over those 20 years, and no matter what I did or how I tried to get off it, I always ended up back on it no matter how long I had been clean or how determined I was!  Anyway fast forward to two years ago, and I started on meds again to try again to get away from it!  But this time was different, I had an internal urge to get a tattoo on my arm which I got on the 6th day.  The tattoo was the Serenity Prayer, which starts with God!  Well here I am today still clean and I have never even had an urge NOT ONCE!  Something inside me changed, it was like all the pain and suffering just stopped and no more depression, negative thoughts, hating myself and being egotistical.  Instead I have more compassion and love inside me than I have ever had since being a child!  Now, remember what I said in an earlier about their being no such thing as coincidence!!  Everything in our existence is all planned out, and at the moment The End Days of the Bible are playing out in front of our very eyes and we are all too distracted with all the technology and bullshite to notice!! Which, these satanic forces who are running our planet have made to do exactly that!!  Most of you will remember the days when we said the Lords Prayer in school every day!!  Why do you think they are not allowing this or any reference to God or Jesus Christ in schools, colleges, Universities or anywhere???????????????  To make us forget our ROOTS and so they can keep us, in their control even after the day of Judgement!!  Because believe me, if you don’t find God and Jesus again YOU will go to HELL with them all!!!  NO THANKS I have had enough of their CONTROL here.

Also if you think we have problems, that’s nothing compared to the problems which every Catholic, Muslim and most other Religions are facing.  They have all been deceived from the start!  But even satans troops fight each other, as ISIS is heading straight for the vatican, so lets hope the F**kers cancel each other out!  Why do you think the vatican teaches to pray to Jesus through Mary??????????  Why not straight to the source?????  And as for the muslims, well some man goes into a cave and is told how to live his life and teach everyone else the same?????  That reminds me of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, nothing more than deception at its worst!  And the best bit is it is all in the Bible!!!

You need to listen to The Book Of Enoch which I strongly advice as it will be the most important thing you ever do!! Pay attention to your heart beating when doing this, as your heart is your internal guidance system!  Enoch is God’s scribe and everything which is happening on the planet at the moment is in this book!  Back in 16th century the satanic leaders of the catholic church and some others got together and removed all the best information from the Bible.  They ordered it all burned and prosecuted and killed all the people who followed it!  Ha, but what they didn’t expect was for most of them to be found in the 20th century in The Dead Sea Scrolls!! GODS intervention???  This book is known to have existed since 2nd century B.C.  and maybe the 1st too! And the thing about it is that our Bible today refers to quotes from The Book Of Enoch so it is 100% TRUE!!!!

Another thing I want to make very clear is I am not doing this to scare monger!! This is done to make you aware so you can protect yourselves!  GOD is in control, but this all has to play out so Our Saviour Jesus Christ can return to JUDGE US!!!!!!

I think this is enough information for the moment, it gives you loads to research yourself, so what are you waiting for??????? So, people, choose wisely where you go from here!  And remember YOU & YOUR FAMILY’S LIFE depends on this! Everything I post on here and my fb is all done from my Heart & Soul! I have a duty as a human being to make everyone aware of the real world we live in and expose these satanic, psychopathic pedophiles for what they really are!!!!!!

Bare in mind this is only the tip of the iceberg!  There is plenty more to come so follow me, and find out more (which seems to be never-ending)!  Another thing you need to know is YOU have so much more potential and brain power than you could ever imagine, the more information you feed to your brain the more it wants and needs!! All you need to do first is forget everything you thought was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS, and LOVE to you all! xx

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