After Body Detox

So I haven’t done a post in a while as I have had a couple of very trying weeks!  But things worked out ok! As, I didn’t let all the worry, fear and negative feelings take over and make me ill! Instead, I stayed Positive and I believed that things would work out for the best, and the Universe would provide for me!  And guess what?  It did, and some very valuable lessons were learned!  So all is good again now!  Everything is governed by your feelings and what frequency you vibrate at!!!!!  Every single thing in the Universe has a frequency!!!

Anyway what to expect after you have detoxed your body!  Well all I can say is you will feel the best you have ever felt, once all those toxins and poisons are gone!  My body has changed so much, I have gone down to a size 8, and it is Solid, and in better shape now at 43 than I have ever been in!  Even in my late teen years my body wasn’t as toned and healthy as it is just now!  It really highlights to me just how much SHITE must have been in it, with all the toxins and poisons!!! Most of it is down to the Skate Liver Oil and eating organic and not putting toxins into my body!  Also I know if I eat any crap as I suffer for it!  My body tells me what to eat now, and I listen to it, as I feel terrible if I don’t!  It’s mental just how much our body and mind tells us, if we listen! Also exercise is an absolute MUST!! The amount of energy I have now is unbelievable! Also you will find that you will not be able to use anything with chemicals in it i.e. deodorant, hairspray, perfume, cleaning products, basically everything!! I had to start using a roll on deodorant as I couldn’t stand the smell of the sprays, also my asthma has been non existent since I stopped using all that crap!!!  Another thing is the guidance in my head, giving me all this info and guiding me to making better decisions for myself!  All of us people who have SOULS have this!! But as I have said in my other posts, you have to cut out Fluoride altogether, as this causes the Pineal Gland to calcify, which blocks all your internal guidance system!  The control freaks want us all like robots working to feed them more money! Giving us just enough to get up the next day and do it all again!!  Did you know, that as soon as your birth is registered, your government takes a bond out on you, for your labour, and trades you on the stock market and borrows money on you!!!!! YOU ARE A COMMODITY!!!  All this is there on the internet in black and white if you research it!  They want us all not thinking for ourselves, not asking questions, just carrying on like nothing is happening around us!!!!  Well it’s all going to blow up in their faces, as the amount of people all over the world who have woken up to their BS is getting more and more every day! And it’s just going to keep getting more and more!  They can try with all the Chemtrails etc. to dull us down but, WE are fighting back with spirituality, and getting back in touch with your real reason for being on this planet!  I will guarantee you this, if you detox and look after your body and mind, you will WAKE UP!!!!!!  And you will realise very quickly that you don’t have to be doing all the BS they tell you to, as your mind will be FREE!

Detox and raise your vibration, and then you can manifest anything you want in your life!  The universe will provided it all for you!  We are all entitled to it, that’s why THEY keep us in a constant state of FEAR and WORRY!!!! So we are not vibrating at the correct Frequency!!!!!!!!  Can you imagine if we were all Free Thinker and they had no one working for them??? THEY would be F**ked as the money would stop!!!!! All you need to do is, get rid of your ego and fear! The ego and fear combined with all the toxins are what stop you from being and having everything your heart desires!  It is that simple!!!  Good Luck with your Spiritual journey!  LOVE’N’LIGHT to all  xxxx

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