Artemis update

Oh dear their world domination plan really is falling apart fast we also have this today!!

HMS Prince of Wales brakes down


“A Royal Navy spokesman said on Saturday: “HMS Prince of Wales will cross the Atlantic with her task group, ready to push the boundaries of un-crewed technology and the tactics used by the UK’s two new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers.”

Pushing the boundaries of un-crewed technology – No it won’t because it has broken down already!!

“HMS Prince of Wales, which became fully operational only last year, was also due to host the Atlantic Future Forum conference to strengthen UK and US ties.

In 2020 the ship, estimated to cost £3 billion, suffered two floods in the space of five months. Video filmed by crew members then showed about 3ft of water after a leak in the engine room, gushing down the stairs and submerging electrical cabinets and pipes.

An internal system developed a fault causing the flood on board the warship while it was at Portsmouth, its home port. A few months earlier video had emerged of water pouring through the ceiling into an accommodation area.”

Remember Azazel taught the art of war and war machines!! Did a post about him here!!

I am laughing a lot!! Do you ever get the feeling God is messing with them?? They are like “yeah we are almost there with world domination” and God is like “don’t get to comfortable, watch this”!! We also have the UK stopping the closure of coal power stations because of the electricity supply problems that they created themselves!! This is screwing up their “electric car plan” big time!! Cannot wait to see what Father does next!!

Love and Blessings xxxxxxx

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