Black race

So He showed me a very important revelation this morning concerning the race of black people. I was watching one of my YouTube videos the other day and he was saying the original Hebrews were black but this is Not True and let me show you why!! Remember my rainbow sign post go read it HERE and then come back and read this because it is very relevant to what I am about to expose!! Now I prayed as I do every morning for Him to show me the truth through His word and this is what He showed me.

He took me to Isaiah 19-21 and as I read I write down any words I don’t know the meaning of then I look them up in my Strong’s Concordance book, Bible dictionary and proper names book and well as online Strong’s to get a bigger picture of what that word means and the root it comes from.

So the word Kedar jumped out and well it explains where the black skin colour came from, first I will tell you who Kedar was:

Kedar was Ishmael’s second son and Abrahams grandson. Ishmael was born from Hagar who was Sarah’s handmaid an Egyptian slave who Sarah gave to Abraham to have a son with because Sarah’s womb was closed until God opened it to conceive Isaac.  Ishmael’s descendants were blessed through the covenant with Abraham, born of the flesh the old covenant and then Isaac was given the new covenant born of the Spirit.  So the descendant of Ishmael were to be fruitful and multiply and be a multitude because Abraham means be populous, father of a multitude. Also the covenant could not be given to a son outside of marriage and Sarah was Abraham’s wife not Hagar. All nations were blessed through Abraham the father of a multitude!!

But Isaac was given the new covenant through the spirit of God. Knowing God personally.

Abraham – H85 – be populous, father of a multitude. His seed to be the dust of the earth.

Hagar – H1904 – Flight, a stranger that fears, midday. Sarah’s Egyptian slave girl, Abraham’s concubine, Ishmael’s mother.

Sarah – H8283 – wife of Abraham same as H8282 – a mistress, a female noble – lady, princess, queen. Feminine of H8269 – a head person from H8323 – to have dominion, rule, bear rule.

Ishmael – H3458 – God will hear, Abraham’s oldest son to Hagar.

Isaac – H3327 – He laughs, son of Sarah and Abraham, father of Jacob and Esau. Compare H3446, From H6711 – tsaw-khak’; a primitive root; to laugh outright (in merriment or scorn); by implication, to sport:—laugh, mock, play, make sport.

H3446 – yis-khawk’; from H7831; he will laugh; Jischak, the heir of Abraham:—Isaac. Compare H3327.

H7831 – Shahazimah = “toward the heights” a town in Issachar.  Same as H7830 – dignity, pride, lion majestic wild beasts. shakh’-ats; from an unused root apparently meaning to strut; haughtiness (as evinced by the attitude):— lion, pride.

Kedar – H6938 – Dark skinned. Qêdâr, kay-dawr’; from H6937; dusky (of the skin or the tent); Kedar, a son of Ishmael; also (collectively) Bedouin (as his descendants or representatives):—Kedar.

H6937 – to be dark, black, qâdar, kaw-dar’; a primitive root; to be ashy, i.e. dark-colored; by implication, to mourn (in sackcloth or sordid garments):—be black(-ish), be (make) dark(-en),  heavily, (cause to) mourn.

And in the Bible dictionary: Kedar – Nigerrimus which means very black – dark skinned.

nigerrimus ( feminine nigerrima, neuter nigerrimum, positive niger ); blackest, very black.

When Sarah died Abraham married Keturah(Genesis 25) and had another six sons but the covenant with God was through Isaac no other son was given the covenant but they were all blessed through Abraham.

So you see the real Hebrews are not black because the real Hebrews are from Abraham and Sarah, through Isaac to Jacob who was named Israel. And Jacob’s twin brother Esau was red and hairy when he came out hence why the inheritance of the covenant and birth right went to Jacob and not the eldest Esau.  I covered Jacob and Esau a while back on one of my posts. There could be more names like this, if you take the names of his sons to Keturah you find a lot of strife and contenting within those names!! And well look at the state of the world!! The devils biggest weapon is divide and conquer with lies of religion when God has No religion at all!! We All came from Noah and God breathed the breath of life into each and every one of Us.  He holds the breath of your life in His hand and can take that away at any time when He feels there is No repentance or change of behaviour.  Christ is the very corner stone we are meant to build our lives on, He is The Word of God, the New Testament and the saviour from the world of lies!! When you do not have The Word of God as your foundation in this world you will not be content because we were all made by God and need Him as our foundation on which to build a good life!! The Word of God will save us because with it comes the knowledge of God. Like I said on my Pentecost post, He will awaken His spirit (breath) inside you when He pours it out on All flesh and what will happen to all the people who have not repented?? Shame and embarrassment will overcome them once they know the truth!! I feel like God is cleansing this world of all the unclean things with weather and disease, taking away everything which was not made by Him. 

Also Isaiah 21 the watchman. Verse 9 Babylon is Fallen!!

Isaiah 21     King James Version

The burdens anticipating Sennacherib’s invasion.

The burden of the desert.

The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds in the south pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land.

2 A grievous vision is declared unto me; the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, O Elam: besiege, O Media; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease.

3 Therefore are my loins filled with pain: pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs of a woman that travaileth: I was bowed down at the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeing of it.

4 My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted me: the night of my pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me.

5 Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.

6 For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

7 And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed:

8 And he cried, A lion: My lord, I stand continually upon the watchtower in the daytime, and I am set in my ward whole nights:

9 And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground.

10 O my threshing, and the corn of my floor: that which I have heard of the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, have I declared unto you.

The burden upon Dumah (Dumah means to be dumb, silence, death)

11 The burden of Dumah. He calleth to me out of Seir, Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?

12 The watchman said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come.

The burden upon Arabia (means steppe-dwellers, Arabians, Arabs, grow dark)

13 The burden upon Arabia. In the forest in Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye travelling companies of Dedanim.

14 The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled.

15 For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, and from the bent bow, and from the grievousness of war.

16 For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Within a year, according to the years of an hireling, and all the glory of Kedar shall fail:

17 And the residue of the number of archers, the mighty men of the children of Kedar, shall be diminished: for the Lord God of Israel hath spoken it.

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