Maddie McCann

The Lord rebuke you satan for it is written “rebuke the devil and he will flee from you”!!!

Madeleine McCann still missing 11.3.23!!!

Ok let’s talk about this because I have quite a few problems with this!!

Why would jerry and kate be silent on this?? Unless they knew for sure their daughter was dead because the only man seen carrying Madeleine that night she apparently went missing was jerry mccann himself!! And why was there at least 1.5hrs between the screams of kate that her daughter was missing and phoning the police?? Why was Maddie’s DNA and blood found in boot of the car hired 20 odd days after she disappeared?? Why did the mccanns leave the boot of said car open for weeks all the time?? Why was blood and dead body scent found in the apartment by UK special dogs trained specifically for those scents?? Why did the mccanns get given a know paedophiles villa to stay in while apparently searching for their daughter?? Why did kate refuse to answer 42 questions from the police about the disappearance of her daughter?? Questions which could have helped find her, had she been taken!! Why did kate not search for her daughter but leave it to locals and others to do?? Why was the blood and dead body scent also found on cuddle cat and kates clothes?? Why was there various timelines found written down and scribbled out by the mccanns and their friends in the apartment?? Why did they leave their very young children alone in an apartment while they ate and drank with friends when there was a babysitting facility on the resort?? Why did jerry make so many calls that night before phoning the police?? Why would the mccanns think it was ok to leave their very young children so far away from where they were eating in a strange country?? Why was NO EVIDENCE found of a break-in when kate told family back home that the shutters were damaged because someone had broken in and taken Maddie?? Why if you thought your daughter was alive would you ignore someone claiming to be them, and not be shouting for a DNA test?? And let’s not forget that the so called Maddie fund was a limited company and that millions of people around the world paid money into this fund, where did all that money go?? Apparently the mccanns paid their mortgage out of it among other things!! Why was there such a media circus around this when millions of children go missing from all over the world every second of everyday and don’t even get a mention in media?? Why were the mccanns given a media representative by the uk gov?? Why would they need one?? Why did two other friends go to the police and report gerry for making sexual innuendos about Maddie when they were on a previous holiday?? It must have worried them enough to go to the police!! Also on that holiday it was the men who were bathing the young children!! Why were their other children not taken by social services for neglect?? Why did they get to continue in their professional capacity as a surgeon and doctor after clearly being incompetent and neglecting their own children?? I will tell you why, because Gerry is a freemason and he called in all the help by threatening to expose other people!! Like what he said to charley boy about “light at the end of the tunnel” in reference to diana’s death among other things!!! Too many things just don’t add up people!!! It is time the truth came out about this and those responsible held to account and justice served for Maddie, bless her little soul!!! If that had been you or I we would be in prison and would have had everything taken from us and we certainly would have had no help from the gov. And there is many more problems with this case I spent almost a year researching this with every police file, report, blogs, books and profilers out there and I came to the conclusion she died in the apartment by falling off the back of the sofa onto the stone floor and was hidden because they would have lost everything had they told the truth!!!!

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