Message to false messiah in Jerusalem!!!

The Lord rebuke you satan!!! The Lord rebuke you wordpress!!! The Lord rebuke you facebook!!! The Lord rebuke you meta!!!

So todays scripture came about because I asked Him last night about the apparent “messiah in Jerusalem” because the amount of hype around this is ridiculous and the FACT these people only keep the Torah which is the first 5 books in the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) which state the laws which my post yesterday RIPPED APART!! As I have said before: God came in the flesh to fulfil the Torah because He is the only one who could do this “things impossible for man are possible for God – Nothing is impossible for God!”. We found out yesterday that most of the practices in the Torah regarding sacrifices and burnt offerings were NOT GIVEN by God and this came about because when I read Jeremiah 7:22-23, I asked Him who were all the sacrifices and burn offerings for if they weren’t for you?? And the post yesterday answered this question and today’s scripture backs this up 100%!! Man cannot fulfil or keep all the things written in these books, that is precisely why He gave Moses The TEN COMMANDMENTS written by His hand and then came in the flesh to give us the New Testament which is the New Covenant but the 10 COMMANDMENTS stand regardless which you find out by reading the New Testament, which of course none of these men do and especially not the false messiah because apparently he can resight the Torah word for word without any mistakes!! Apparently this is why they think he is who he is, INSANE I know!! Remember what Jesus said “those keeping the law (Torah) will be judged by the law and if it is impossible to keep, then these men will all go to hell!!!! Because remember there is only ONE WAY to salvation and forgiveness of SINS and that is the blood of Jesus Christ – I AM THE WAY, I AM THE TRUTH, I AM THE LIFE AND NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME – my blood the passover Lamb the only sacrifice God did command to SAVE EACH ONE OF US!!! The Old Testament is where we are meant to learn what not to do, not to make the same mistakes as they made, because look where it got them?? Judgements and into captivity under their enemies!!! Every single king of Judah and Israel offered burn offerings except David, he knew because he knew God in his heart!!!! No wonder the OT is full of war, judgements, evil and wickedness and His people being destroyed!! When you put fake gods above God you are not going to survive His wrath!! These men in Jerusalem are the same ones Jesus ripped apart in Matthew 23, the same ones who murdered Him!!! So why is everyone obsessed with this false messiah?? Because NO ONE ASKS GOD what the TRUTH IS and opens their Bibles!! The amount of FALSE PROPHETS out there just now is unbelievable and all they are doing is regurgitating BS that someone else has said, also watching the world situation more than praying and asking God to show them the TRUTH!!!! I never prophecy I just ask God for the TRUTH everyday before I open my Bible and He shows me the TRUTH!!!! This is what we are meant to be doing not listening to babbling FOOLISH men, men who are blinded to the truth, men who are VERY CONFUSED!!!! Men who will die for their sins, unless they read the whole Bible including the New Testament which God had to come and give because the amount of His people who would be destroyed by the law or Torah BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP and He did not give most of the things written in it as we found out yesterday in Jeremiah 7:23 – OBEY MY VOICE – THE 10 COMMANDMENTS this is the whole LAW OF GOD, 10 SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS instead of idk 400 or something like that could be more!!!! The world is INSANE and most of the people in it and the only way you can keep yourself from becoming INSANE is by connecting with God through HIS WORD, Our how to survive this world or Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – BIBLE!!!

So enjoy todays scripture and God Bless you all!!!

Yesterdays post as this explains so much more!!!

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