Adverse reactions!!!

The Lord rebuke you satan!!!

In USA the CDC got 10 million people to download an app to track adverse reactions from all the pricks and out of those 10 million people there were over 71million adverse reactions recorded!!!! They tried to hide this information and were taken to court twice over the release of it! The second time a judge told them to release the data!! You can view it here

Now the UK is pushing these fuckin boosters on people without knowledge of these figures which to say the least are FUCKING SHOCKING!!!! I don’t even want to know what the figures are worldwide!! I told you all that the outcome of these fuckin things would make what Hitler did look like a fuckin tea party and oh my Lord was I right!!!! DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE unless you are hell bent on dying or having serious health issues FOR the rest of your life which may I add the NHS can do fuck all about because there is NO TREATMENTS for most of these things!!!! Also various obstetrics and gynaecology doctors in USA and Australia have come out and said people are not having babies now and people who took these things are having miscarriages and still births at an alarming rate!!!! Obviously the UK is silent on this but give it time because the truth will prevail!!! It all just makes me want to cry!!!!!

And these systems of reporting are only about 5% of what is really going on!!!!!!!

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