The Fall!!!

The Lord rebuke you satan!!!

Ok so I need to share this story with you all and once you read my notes below and the relevant Bible verses I have complied my notes on you will have more understanding of what I am about to tell you!!! So yesterday I wasn’t feeling right I didn’t even want to open my Bible or pray, this started on Thursday night after I had spent the week doing big exposing posts on satan!! I spent Thursday night and yesterday screaming at God saying, “You said this” and “you promised us this” etc.

Now this has happened a few times now and I always manage to pull myself out it but yesterday I just couldn’t and nothing was working!! So last night I was watching tiktok and one of my Brothers was saying about the “evil alters” and tearing them down and destroying the alter keepers if they didn’t repent!!! Which I hadn’t done for a while but everyday I ask Him to send back upon their own heads anything which has not been sent by Him with a call to repentance and a blessing upon their heads!!!! So last night when I prayed I asked Him to tear down and destroy any evil alter built against me, my children, my family, my animals and every one of my friends in the name of Jesus Christ and if they didn’t repent to destroy the alter keeper!! This is very important because if they don’t repent or be killed they will keep building them against you!!!! Well I got up this morning feeling great and ready to tackle what you are about to read below!! I actually woke up with Bible verses in my head about today’s post and my children are even in great moods with me which is nice for a change!!! People don’t realise just how much witchcraft is being sent against them on a daily basis!! You need to be on top of this shite every single day!!! Because if you are not they will keep you in miserly and stuck in your life!! So if your life feels stuck and not going anywhere just now you need to pray and do what I have just told you!! This applies to EVERYONE who is keeping God’s commandments and following Him!! You are a target and your photos you have on social media is what they use for their witchcraft!!! That is why I removed almost every single personal photo on fb!! Why do you think your photo’s are PUBLIC and you cannot make them PRIVATE??? Yup now your getting it and the FACT He took me to Ezekiel 8 this morning is conformation of this!!! Remember spiritual wickedness in high places – the heavenly host!! Also all these fake prophets saying the name Jesus is not right, that is fuckin BS the only name I have seen cast out demons is Jesus Christ not Yeshua, not YHVH but Jesus!!!! Beware of the false prophets telling lies through unclean spirits!! Pray and ask God direct not man!! Also this BS in Israel about the rabbi’s speaking with the Messiah another lot of fuckin BS!! Read Ezekiel 8 this is what they do behind closed doors in Israel and precisely why it will become a HEAP OF RUINS!!!! So don’t listen to anyone ask God and open your Bible for the answers!!!!  Big changes are coming but it’s gonna get mental first so remember Your POWER and Authority in Jesus Christ!! There is a lot of talk about zombies and if you read my post the other day about “Sennacherib” you will be aware of this! People are apparently having dreams about zombies coming and biting people it may be true it may not but remember one very important thing The Holy Spirit of the Living God protects from EVERYTHING!! God has not given His authority away, therefore He is still in control!!! Also none of the world leaders have taken the pricks, NONE!!! Also the “senate committee on health & humans services” in the USA has just said that the “world council for health” which consists of 70 bodies worldwide has CALLED FOR A WORLDWIDE RECALLED OF ALL COVID VACCINES because of 40,000 deaths worldwide but I would argue that is only about 10% or less given the pathologists were just writing anything down or UNEXPLAINED or UNKNOWN CAUSE on death certificates!! Even although they were pulling rubber like clots out of people the entire length and shape of the artery they had pulled it from!!! A blood clot would break apart not come out in a whole piece!!! Now bear in mind that the swine flu vaccine was pulled for 32 deaths worldwide!!! Yup I really hope there is no one so fuckin stupid to line up for these fuckin boosters that your wonderful government and media are pushing even though they KNOW THE TRUTH because they NEVER FUCKING TOOK IT!!!!!!!  Better wise up people or you will die and if you die without the blood of Jesus Christ then you are going to hell FOREVER!! And don’t think it will be a party down there, that would be very very stupid of you!! If satan is going down there for eternal torment and torture SO ARE YOU!!! Repent and believe in the Gospel!!!!!!!

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