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Ok so there have been some very interesting developments coming from this Ukraine and Russia situation.  The MSM have apparently been using movie clips and photo’s from Gaza and passing them off as photos from Ukraine. Also we have Ukrainians on TikTok saying that Zelensky’s army are firing on their own people, there’s a surprise, not, considering 71.7% are God’s people (see my last post)!! Also reports on dead people in Ukraine who are not as dead as they are meant to be because one was filmed pulling his body bag back over himself (video at the bottom) which if he is meant to be dead would be impossible!! Also the army in Ukraine is a neo-nazi army headed by a white supremist which I will leave links to at the bottom. Also let’s not forget that Ukraines leader is an ACTOR!! Facebook unblocked this last week!!

“Facebook will temporarily allow its billions of users to praise the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit previously banned from being freely discussed under the company’s Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, The Intercept has learned.

The policy shift, made this week, is pegged to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and preceding military escalations. The Azov Battalion, which functions as an armed wing of the broader Ukrainian white nationalist Azov movement, began as a volunteer anti-Russia militia before formally joining the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014; the regiment is known for its hardcore right-wing ultranationalism and the neo-Nazi ideology pervasive among its members. Though it has in recent years downplayed its neo-Nazi sympathies, the group’s affinities are not subtle: Azov soldiers march and train wearing uniforms bearing icons of the Third Reich; its leadership has reportedly courted American alt-right and neo-Nazi elements; and in 2010, the battalion’s first commander and a former Ukrainian parliamentarian, Andriy Biletsky, stated that Ukraine’s national purpose was to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen [subhumans].” With Russian forces reportedly moving rapidly against targets throughout Ukraine, Facebook’s blunt, list-based approach to moderation puts the company in a bind: What happens when a group you’ve deemed too dangerous to freely discuss is defending its country against a full-scale assault?”

We also have this article with another neo-nazi group sparta battalion and this man was helping women and children escape, unlike the nazi’s who shot women and children and put them into the gas chambers also!! Let’s Not forget what the last nazi regime did eh!!!!!!!

We also have Doris through the queen appointing Evgeny Lebedev a Russian who owns the biggest freemasonic lying bullshite papers in the UK, the London evening standard and the independent also links to i which is just as bad!!

“In 2020 the British monarch through her prime minister, Boris Johnson, conferred a lifetime peerage to Lebedev, naming him “Baron Lebedev, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation”. 

The Right Honourable The Lord Lebedev and his Media interests

On 21 January 2009, Evgeny and his father bought a 65% share in the Evening Standard newspaper. The previous owners, Daily Mail and General Trust plc, continue to hold 24.9% of the company. Under the Lebedev’s’ ownership, it became a free newspaper in October 2009; circulation tripled immediately to 700,000.

On 25 March 2010, just weeks before it was due to close, Lebedev bought The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. On 26 October, the i newspaper was launched, the first national daily newspaper to be launched in the UK since The Independent in 1986, at a time of falling newspaper circulations and title closures worldwide. In 2011, he launched The Journalism Foundation, to promote “free and independent journalism throughout the world”, although it was closed down after a year.

In February 2016, it was announced that Independent Press Ltd had reached an agreement to sell the i to Johnston Press, and that The Independent would become digital-only from March 2016. In 2019, it was reported that Lebedev sold a 30% stake in the publications to a private Saudi investor. After a second regulator concluded no investigation was necessary, Ofcom judged that the sale had not led to “any influence” on the news outlets controlled by the British-Russian businessman.”

You have to wonder if Doris came to an agreement with Evgeny about pushing the gov narrative and  playing his covid scam and in return he gets an honour into the house of Lords!!!!!! See below for some of the headlines from his BS media!!  But don’t worry because Keir Starmer is on the case!!

“The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has said parliament’s intelligence and security committee should investigate the circumstances surrounding Boris Johnson’s elevation of Evgeny Lebedev to the House of Lords.

The demand came after a fresh report that the intelligence agencies had reframed an assessment that Lebedev’s appointment would pose a security risk following an intervention from the prime minister in early 2020.

Speaking on BBC One’s Sunday Morning, Starmer said he was very concerned: “There’s at least the suggestion that the government and the prime minister were warned that there was a national security risk in this particular appointment.”

WTF?? You couldn’t make this shite up!! So we have all the blinded people around the world supporting nazi’s who murdered about 7 million of God’s people during the Holocaust!! Wow!! I said on Facebook a few weeks ago that I wouldn’t be surprised if God used Putin to execute His judgement on certain countries, just like He did with Cyrus King of Persia and Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon!! You also have the media branding Putin as the new Hitler!! Remember they all work for the same people or same adversary see my last post !! However, I think this is the way they will crash the entire world economy to make way for the new world order which we are hearing everywhere just now!! Visa, MasterCard and PayPal have withdrawn their services from Russia which if you think about it is hurting the everyday people and not the government! Also loads of article saying we better get ready for “dark days” and a lot mentioning “beast”, which Putin was being called yesterday in MSM! We also have the queen moving out of Buckingham Palace permanently is this to make way for the sun god?? And which one will it be? Charles who is the prince of Wales (the red dragon) or maybe William the sun god born on the summer solstice and has the moon goddess as his wife also had his pagan holiday card photo in Jordan sitting on a golden egg, or maybe Harry who was photographed wearing a swastika?? Who knows but it is all very interesting and exciting because we are close to Jesus coming back, yeah Praise The Lord!! Also these groups of fighters all have the lightning bolt in their flags kinda like the Swastika and symbolic of satan falling from heaven like lightning!! Also the pushing of the Z everywhere and that symbolises the same lightning!! You want to check out the Swastika and all the things connected with it which include sun worship!! Also the original letters written in the Greek alphabet for the number 666 the first one resembles the swastika!! Oh my, the amount of things I could connect to this like the sun cross, Teutonic Order which includes the pope, Jupiter, Zeus, Enki, enu, sargon, Gilgamesh and many others as well as the sacred bull Marduk which leads us back to Babylon, who knew??!!

“The earliest known swastika is from 10,000 BCE – part of “an intricate meander pattern of joined-up swastikas” found on a late paleolithic figurine of a bird, carved from mammoth ivory, found in Mezine, Ukraine. It has been suggested that this swastika may be a stylised picture of a stork in flight. As the carving was found near phallic objects, this may also support the idea that the pattern was a fertility symbol.”

Also this situation is distracting from what is going on in the middle east at the moment!! See things are not what you are being told and we have to trust God to lead us to the truth through His word The Bible!!

Can we trust anything on the tel-a-lie-vision or newspapers? NO absolutely NOT!! Just more panto from pan or Azazel the scapegoat (see my post on him)!!  We all need to keep our attention on God and ask Him to show you what He is doing through the Bible! He took me to Ezekiel 32 on Monday which is His judgement on Egypt for oppressing His people!! And describes Egypt as a monster of the sea and has “slain by the sword” written 10 times, just like the 10 Commandments!!  If He says something 10 times in one chapter you had better take notice!!!!!!! Then this morning He took me to Ezekiel 38-39 which is the message to Gog of Magog and many people believe that Russia is Magog which would make Putin Gog!! Below is the chapters He has taken me to since Saturday and is following the same theme as above!!

Saturday – Isaiah 29 – Message to Judah and Jerusalem of impeding judgement or discipline.

                   Isaiah 30 – Warning against the alliance with Egypt.

Sunday  – Ezekiel 34 – Message to the faithless shepherd of Israel and Israel restored,

                                        Davidic kingdom set up.

                Ezekiel 35 – Prophecy against Mt.Seir (mountain in Idumea – Edom)

                Ezekiel 36 – Message to the mountains of Israel the restoration predicted.

Monday – Ezekiel 31 – Prophecy against Pharaoh

                   Ezekiel 32 – Lamentation for Pharaoh

Tuesday – Malachi 1 – Israel doubting God’s Love and the breaking of the covenant.

                  Malachi 2 –  Additional warning to the priests, Breaking Covenant Through Divorce,

                                        Breaking Covenant Through Injustice.

Wednesday – Ezekiel 38 – Prophecy against Gog

                         Ezekiel 39 – Prophecy against Gog continued.

So what is the message?  Israel get ready because Judgement is coming and all these world systems are going down and the Davidic Kingdom will be set up!! Also I would like to know how they will run this surveillance system of slavery while God’s Wrath is being poured out upon them All??  Also take into consideration the weather events taking place around the world these are coming fast and furious with multiple daily and mostly in nations who worship idols!! What was the most punished thing in the OT?? Idol worship by His people!! His people are still scattered around the world at the moment and the gentiles are still  trampling the Holy place, beware of those who say they are Jews but are of the synagogue of satan, twice in Revelation He says this in Revelation 2:9 (the angel of the church of Smyrna) & 3:9 (the angel of the church of Philadelphia) Also Philadelphia means “Brotherly love”.

So who are these angels of the churches?? Are they fallen angels?? Also Smyrna means myrrh which is G4666 – a bitter gum and costly perfume which exudes from a certain tree or shrub in Arabia and Ethiopia, or is obtained by incisions made in the bark: as an antiseptic it was used in embalming.

It was one of the gifts to baby Jesus by the wise men from the east in Matthew 2:11.

Also if we take the names of the Prophets above do we get a message?

Isaiah means  “Jehovah has saved”

Ezekiel means “God strengthens”

Malachi means “My messenger”

Also it is 1335 years since the dome of the rock was set up on the temple mount in Jerusalem and this thing has been destroyed so many times since 687ad. There have been at least 6 earthquakes which have done extensive damage to it and it has had to be repaired! Do ya think they were messages?? Also we have a partial solar eclipse on 30/4/22 which is in Aries and Aries is “The Crowned Lamb”

Aries – The Lamb  – deliverance realised

Cassiopeia – Enthroned woman – Free and preparing for Her marriage to her deliverer

Cetus – The sea monster –  THE GREAT ENEMY SUBDUED AND BOUND

Perseus – The breaker –  THE MIGHTY DELIVERER

Fleming, Ken. God’s Voice in the Stars: Zodiac Signs and Bible Truth . ECS Ministries. Kindle Edition.

 Also for the next 4 years all the eclipses are taking place in Christ’s signs and we just had in Nov 21 – Taurus – the judge and then Dec 21 – Scorpio – The sufferer, which I did a post on Here.

Very interesting eh?  If anyone has more to add to all this then please get in touch.

Blessings from The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit may Our Father be with you All!! xxxxxxx

i paper BS
the independant BS
Sparta Battalion
Azov Battalion

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