deborah JAMES

Oh look James is dead! Now remember these parasites put people like this centre stage to push an agenda and the agenda here is to make everyone feel sorry for a man dressed as a woman and remind everyone to give to the thieving cancer charities!! Cancer only exists because people have acidic bodies!! If you take apple cider vinegar every day you will balance the alkaline/acid PH of the body and watch out for big brands because these contain chemicals which will kill you, you want a natural product but check the ingredients because they hide things in there under “natural” which are not natural!! And if you are using ACV get one with the mother in it, which you can put in orange juice or water with honey!! Also ACV is the best thing for heartburn and indigestion!! Most processed foods are acidic and that is by design and fruit they say is acidic is NOT!!!! There is a difference between natural acid and manmade acid in the form of citric acid!! Also all these citrus fruits get rid of indigestion which would tell me they are Not acidic!! Remember everything is inverted, or up-side down, truth is lies and lies truth!! Stop falling for their lies!! Cancer is the biggest scam ever and there are loads of treatments which do not include pumping chemicals into the body or blasting the body with huge amounts of fuckin radiation!!!! THC in cannabis annihilates cancer dead but you cannot get that because they know this fact!! And that is why cannabis is illegal!!  If you go look at photos of this person you will quickly realise that there have been a few different ones!! Why? Because when these people do not do as they are told they are cloned and murdered and loads of celebrities have confirmed this and there is so much evidence in photos, so much!!!! So don’t believe a fuckin thing you see in the “fake news” because they play on your emotions!!!!! It may not be dead at all!! Also very freaky how similar this thing is to kate the transformer maybe that’s why William went to see him, one of Kate’s clones!!

oh my what big thighs

These are a mans legs the muscle in the thigh gives it away!!


Ok wonder-woman the most famous tranny ever with devil horns on it’s head!!

They are laughing at people because they don’t see it!! Take off the rose tinted specs!


Again look at the body shape and legs and compare it to the real woman on the left!!


That torso belongs to a man, look at the shoulders and the length of the arms.

the legs and arms!!

This is the best one look at the legs!! Those belong to a man and the arms!! Who are they trying to kid?

Where are the hips?? It looks just like the man next to it!! Also high belly button on waist line which women don’t have because of pregnancy it is below the waist line!!

Very like kate
wills with kates double duality!!
What big shoulders you have kate!!
Big mouth manly trait

They could almost be twins and it’s husband does seem to be spending a lot of time with him!

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