The battle on fb!!!

Ok so I have just been put to the bottom of the newsfeed on fb yet again 90 days in prison!!!! It’s getting a bit boring and repetitive people but these are the posts which earned me my position!! Lmfao, Oh Well then time to go even harder after the enemy and oh my do I have some crazy stuff to share with you!! Also if I had put scripture on these posts they wouldn’t have been able to do this!! I have been testing this theory for a while now and scripture is the KEY!!!!!!!

The pricks plain and simple!!!! Remember what the Pfizer ex-chief scientist said, “people who have taken these pricks will NOT live past 3 years as ALL animals died within this period”!! Remember if you have taken these that there were placebos given out as well as the deadly poison!! And if you have FAITH in God that you will survive the chances are YOU WILL!!!!!!! We are saved by FAITH through GRACE!! However I think Grace is about to be withdrawn!! Remember what He told us last week about the circumcised being punished with the uncircumcised!!! Yup TIME IS UP, the good figs are being separated from the bad figs, the wheat from the tares, the people who have built their foundations on rock from them who built them on sand!! The floods are coming!!!! So is darkness!! And my next post will go into this in more detail with the scriptures He has taken me to, so watch out for that because fb has been shadow banning me for the last 4 years I am lucky if I get 1 like a week and I am NEVER notified of comments on my posts, in fact all social media has been doing this!! Why do they want to silence me???? Because I reveal the TRUTH and expose satan’s LIES!!! So remember you may need to go to my profile to see my posts!! Also my blog has everything on it too!! May God have mercy upon Our Souls!!!!!!!

Awfully bold of them to assume they will still be here!!!! Remember what God said “if the king will listen to me and do MY WILL he will live a prosperous full life, but if he doesn’t I WILL DESTROY HIM AND HIS FAMILY (SEED)” I would say it’s too late considering the FACT that jimmy savile was his best friend and was given access to walk in and out the palace whenever he wanted, he was also very close to philip and then we have the queens personal driver charged with molesting 2 young boys, and the whole andrew and epstein friendship another “child sex trafficker” and if you had seen the things from epstein’s island YOU WOULD VOMIT IN YOUR OWN MOUTH! We also have the personal butler of the queen being charged with running a child sex trafficking ring out of the palace, and not forgetting the 10 children in Canada who phil and queenie took out of a children’s home back in the 60’s who were NEVER seen or heard from again EVER!! They were charged with the “MURDER OF THESE CHILDREN” go look it up it was registered with the International Common Law Court and warrants were issued!! The police and secret services buried this and court marshalled anyone who questioned it!!!! Either the secret services are IN ON IT or are completely INCOMPETENT at their jobs because they will VET anyone who had that close an access to this parasitic family of LIARS and THEIVES!! Very very wicked and evil the seed of the serpent and I am working on the bloodlines just now but it will take a little time!! I have shown You ALL this before many times and linked the articles to these FACTS!! How many people have been paying attention?? And how many have idol worshipped these parasites?? Idolatry and sin = JUDGEMENT!!!! YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER gods BEFORE YOU!!!!

Another pair of fuckin liars!! Tell the fuckin TRUTH!! The Lord rebuke you both may the truth now be revealed from the Heavens Father!!!! This shitshow has gone on long enough time for them to pay their dues!! They have destroyed this poor man, who was only doing his job of exposing the truth of the LIE!! I would strongly suggest you go read his book!! I investigated this for the best part of a year!! Every single piece of evidence from the police, every interview, every profile, every blog, every book written by profilers and by her which doesn’t do them any favours at ALL!!!! THEY KNOW THE TRUTH AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR THAT TRUTH TO BE REVEALED!!!!!!!

This parasite has sold his soul or so he believes because ALL SOULS BELONG TO GOD He gave them therefore you cannot sell something which doesn’t belong to You!!!! Let’s pray for him in coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH!!!!

Let’s look at what a “gin” is shall we, this word came up yesterday in scripture and I meant to tackle it then but didn’t get time!!

gin – H6341 – bird trap, trap, snare of calamities, plots, source or agent of calamity. To ensnare, and then if we dig deeper we find the word “alcohol” comes from the arabic term “Al-khul” which means “BODY-EATING SPIRIT” (also, is the origin of the term” ghoul”). In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. What do they ALL practice “alchemy” all the great works of alchemy led by DEMONS!!!!  And that’s not all because if we look up what a jinn is (remember they change spellings to hide things!) we see that it is an unclean spirit or demon!!! And this is coming from Islam!!!! But so very real and should be taken VERY SERIOUSLY!! But keep sipping you GIN people allowing these unclean spirits access to your body and life!!!!!!!

“Jinn (Arabic: جن, jinn) – also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies (with the broader meaning of spirit or demon, depending on sources) – are invisible creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian religious systems and later in Islamic mythology and theology.  Like humans, they are accountable for their deeds, can be either believers or unbelievers; depending on whether they accept God’s guidance. Since jinn are neither innately evil nor innately good, Islam acknowledged spirits from other religions and was able to adapt spirits from other religions during its expansion. Jinn are not a strictly Islamic concept; they may represent several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam. To assert a strict monotheism and the Islamic concept of Tauhid, Islam denies all affinities between the jinn and God, thus placing the jinn parallel to humans, also subject to God’s judgment and afterlife. The Quran condemns the pre-Islamic Arabian practise of worshipping the jinn, or seeking protection from them.

Although generally invisible, jinn are supposed to be composed of thin and subtle bodies (ad̲j̲sām), they can change at will. They would favor the form of snakes, but also appear as scorpions, lizards or as humans. They even might engage in sexual affairs with humans and produce offspring. If they get hurt by someone, they usually seek out revenge or possess the assailant’s body, calling for an exorcism. Usually the jinn do not interfere with humans, but live in their own societies structured as tribes, similar to those of pre-Islamic Arabian tribal systems.

Individual jinn appear on charms and talismans. They are called upon for protection or magical aid, often under the leadership of a king. Many people who believe in jinn wear amulets to protect themselves against the assaults of jinn, sent out by sorcerers and witches. A common belief holds that jinn could not hurt someone who wears something with the name of God written on. While some Muslim scholars in the past had ambivalent attitudes towards sorcery, believing that good jinn don’t require one to commit sin, most contemporary Muslim scholars associate dealing with jinn with idolatry.”

Now let me tell you a story that happened to me recently, I got a gold cross a while ago and put it on my gold chain. I wore it for a few days then the chain broke, I got it fixed and put it back on. A day or two later while scratching my neck I ripped it off and broke the chain again!! So bought another chain and couldn’t find the chain or the cross anywhere!! Found another cross on a necklace given to one of my children so put that on the new chain and wore it for almost a day until the same thing happened I ripped it off my neck again!! Three times!! A warning that the cross is NOT a good thing as it is significant of the DEATH not the resurrection and God’s people shouldn’t be wearing them or using them!! They didn’t come into the “Christian faith” until the 14th century and were associated with pagan practices!! Idolatry that is what all these little trinket’s are and they could have witchcraft attached to them!!!! So you need nothing except GOD to protect YOU, this was the message He was sending to me!!! So be very aware of the levels of deception out there people things are not always what they seem to be!!!!!!!   Use your Discernment people!!!!!!!

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