Was Jesus Married?

brideofgodWell well!  Please watch Biblical Conspiracies Season 1 episode 3 (Bride of God)!  I was going to link it to youtube but guess what the video is not available?????  I wonder why? The evidence in the episode is very damming, basically there has been a mosaic floor revealed in Galilee, of Jesus and his Wife in the centre with the 12 disciples round about them!!????  The Church nowadays only uses Jesus in the centre?????  So what does this tell us?  It tells us that MAN & WOMEN were meant to be equal, and maybe it was Mary Magdalen or the both of them, as a couple that founded Christianity!  There is also a book from the Bible which was revealing the truth but someone had sliced the revealing part off????  WOW! So everything we have been taught and told has all been twisted and manipulated so Man was the greater sex and Love, Light and Compassion were buried so deep, so we would never find out the truth!!!!!

You just have to look at all the Ancient sites to see the evidence!  Look at the engineering precision of them, the scale of them, the pictures engraved on them! We couldn’t recreate some of them, even with the technology and machinery we have available today!!!!!  Think about the Nazca Lines they were made to be seen from above in a time when they didn’t have aircraft or so we have been lead to believe!  How could they create these without some guidance from above to plan out the intricate details and geometric shapes? Why is there one which looks like a spaceman?????  Question everything people!  Go research for yourself and you will see what I am talking about! 😉

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