Living as an INFJ

infjThe INFJ personality makes up less than 2% of the worlds population!  INFJ means to me

I – Intuitive

N – Nurturing

F – Feeling

J – Judging

Oh my, where to begin! I will start at the beginning.  At that time I thought everyone thought the same way I did!  But it soon became very clear to me, that this was not the case! I always felt as a kid, that I was very different to everyone around me, I processed things differently, and always thought outside the box, I could always see the things other people couldn’t and I could tell straight away, if people were lying or talking crap, also I pick up on intentions! I have never had any respect for authority of any kind, and now I understand why!  Also at school I always had a problem with BS, from the system, teachers etc. I remember challenging teachers on a regular basis, when they asked us to do something, mind numbing and completely irrelevant.  They all just thought I was being cheeky, but I wasn’t, I just wanted to know the reasoning and the why’s of everything! I also got into loads of fights, as I could read the other persons intentions, so got in there first! So needless to say, I probably spent more time out of classes, than in them, but that didn’t bother me, as even back them I knew my own mind and had an internal guidance system which told me right from wrong, and fake from truth!

I have soul starring eyes, I see into the depths of your soul, which makes loads of people very very wary, and some take an instant dislike to me! Also I see and hear everything, which then gets saved onto my hard drive!  My mind is one massive computer with so many filing cabinets, that even I don’t know how many I have!  But I forget the simple things!!  I also feel and sense everything.  I see beneath the veil, I see the TRUTH!  So for all you people, who have insulted my intelligence, by lying to my face or talking about me behind my back, I KNOW!  I may not say anything but it will be stored, just incase I need it in the future, and I will never ever TRUST you or anything you say ever again!

I am also very empathic, which is maybe just as well, because if I wasn’t OH MY!!  I give people every chance to be honest with me, and if they are not, well they get the door slam!  The door slam is basically me blocking that person and any emotional or physical crap from them, they are dead to me, they have no effect on me what so ever! Harsh but true!

And for the people who I know have pure and good souls, well I will be fiercely loyal, and help and protect them no matter what.  I love having this personality, I fully embrace it now that I understand it.  I love helping people by gently pointing them in the right direction, I forgive easily and try not to get into stupid, petty arguments.  But if you challenge me on something which I know the truth about, or something which I know you are lying about, Oh you had better take cover, because my wrath, even scares me at times!!

I am the ultimate TRUTH seeker, my internal lie detector is flawless, which is exactly why YOU SHOULD ALL BE LISTENING AND PAYING ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING I AM POSTING AND WRITTING ABOUT!!

God blessed me with this gift for a reason people and guides me with everything.  Everyone seems to be very confused about God and Jesus Christ and what it is ment to mean to them. It’s sad that all the demonic forces have to bow down and believe 100% in Jesus Christ but all YOU who should DON’T???????????  God and Jesus Christ is about having a personal relationship with them, not all the BS religion!  If your life is shite the now, and you have demons, why not just give praying to Jesus Christ and being grateful and saying thanks for every little thing in your life a go???????  What do you have to loose? Only the demons which are holding you back!!!!  But beware he will know if you don’t mean it!!!!!!!!  Remember HEART AND SOUL go hand in hand!!!

In the name of the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT, I BLESS each and every one of you, and hope and pray that you ALL make the right choice, as your ETERNITY depends on this!  Remember every single thing you DO and SAY is being recorded in Heaven, So REPENT YOUR SINS AND BEG FORGIVENESS and PRAY TO JESUS CHRIST!!! AND DO NOT BREAK THE 10 COMMANDMENTS!


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