The Koran



So I have just watched a very interesting documentary about this and I must say that the ethos of The Koran, that each and every one of us is responsible for our own Souls is spot on.  However, the fact that the Prophet Mohammad was illiterate and never wrote anything down and nether did any of his followers, makes me question it?  Also it wasn’t put into a book until 20 years after he died!  He preached it to his followers and they in turn memorised it.  Another thing is that, it seemed to start really well but changed according to what his people needed at the time?  So actually The Koran has not come directly from the Prophet Mohammad, it has been memorised by people for 20 years and then wrote down in a panic as the original followers were dying off!  Interesting! Don’t get me wrong the beginning of it is spot on, we should all live by love and compassion  and the rich should give willingly to the poor, also each and every one of us absolutely should be responsible for our souls or face the consequences when the day of Judgement comes.  But how can they say 100% that it came from the Prophet Mohammad mouth??  We all know how forgetful we can be, never mind each and every one of us having a unique personality, which has the possibility to describe things differently!!

Also as with most of the big religions things are translated wrongly, and it is wide open to mean whatever you as an individual want it to mean!!  Hence all the morons fighting and doing un-human things to other humans??  What these idiots don’t realise and won’t, until they are faced with judgement, is that they themselves will be judged and treated accordingly!!!!  And to be honest I would not like to be in their shoes when the time comes!  No thanks!  There seems to be loads of this just now within the big religions, it’s almost like in each one you have a good side and a bad side most definitely not on the same page never mind the same side???  It’s all so F**ked up completely!

So what do you do when you can’t find any peace in religion?  Turn to the one thing that every single religion in history was based on in the beginning SPIRITUALITY!  This is the one place each and every one of us is equal and you are your own teacher!  The feeling you get when you connect with the Here and Now and your Heart and Soul is like nothing you could every imagine!  Once you raise your vibration and live through your heart, nothing else matters and everything just falls into place.  You also have complete protection from all the psychotic stuff going on in the world!  To start your spiritual journey you must detox your body of all the toxic crap you have been putting in and on it!  Once you start it is really easy as your body tells you very clearly what is good and what is bad!(I will do my next blog on this subject).  Anyway people something for you all to ponder over and research for yourself!  Love’N’Light to each and every one of you and Good Luck on your spiritual journey! xx

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